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Reliable Information Sources

Need a reliable source from the internet? Try using the ipl2 search engine! The pages included in this search engine have all been reviewed by information professionals.

Sunnyside's Subscription Databases

Use the following subscription databases to access reliable information. Ask your library staff for passwords so that you can access them from your home computer.

Culturegrams. This database includes information about U.S. states and countries throughout the world. Videos, photos, interviews, maps, and recipes are included.

Discovery Education - Contains entire educational videos, video segments, and images. It is accessible from school and home with a password.

PebbleGo - Includes three databases designed for beginning researchers from kindergarten through 3rd grade: Animals, Biographies, Earth and Space. With these databases, students can listen to audio of the text while following along as text is highlighted.

PowerKnowledge - This is a valuable science research tool for students in grades 3-6 which includes two databases: Life Science, Earth and Space. Students can listen to audio of the text.

TrueFlix - A collection of science and social studies eBooks that uses the award-winning True Books content. Students can listen to audio of the text.

World Book Online - Use World Book Encyclopedia to access reliable information on a wide variety of topics. Accessible from school and from home with a password.

World Book Online - Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos

Teacher Approved Websites

Sunnyside's bookmarks - The websites on the Sunnyside I Keep Bookmark page have been selected and approved by Sunnyside's teachers.