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Steps to Successful Research

1. Questioning

What is my essential question that is guiding my research?
Is my topic narrow enough so that I can find the information needed and create a quality product in the time allotted?
Is my topic broad enough so that I can find enough information?
Do the focus questions I created support the essential question?

Click on Creating Questions to view information about creating effective questions.

Click on Essential Questions for a teacher resource about creating essential questions.
2. Planning
  • What possible resources might provide information related to my questions? Books? Encyclopedias? Magazines? Databases? Web sites? Almanacs? Atlases? Experts?
  • Which are the best resources to use? Are these resources reliable? How do I know?
Click on RADCAB to learn how to evaluate an Internet web site.

Click on Evaluate a Web site to access a worksheet to help you evaluate the reliability of a web site.

Click on the Reliable Information Sources tab on the left.
3. Locating & Gathering
  • Where can I find the resources I want to use, and how can I find information within each resource? Have I used the Table of Contents? The Index? Have I created an effective database or Internet search?     
Click on Four Nets for Better Internet Searching to learn how to conduct an advanced Internet search.
  • Am I gathering information responsibly and ethically?
Click here to print out slips to collect bibliography information: Citation Slips for Bibliographies

Click here to view an example of a correctly formatted bibliography:
4. Sorting, Sifting, & Organizing
  • What is the best way for me to make notes and organize my information?
Print out copies of the JotDot notetaking template by clicking on JotDot.
5. Synthesizing
  • How will I share and present my information?
Click on Final Project Ideas for a list of possible projects / products to create.
6. Evaluating
  • Have I answered my essential questions and focus questions?
  • What information do I still need to find?
  • Where might this information be located?
  • Could I organize my information differently to make it easier to understand?
  • What is the best thing about my final project?
  • How can I improve my final project?
  • What is the most important thing I've learned?
Test your information literacy skills here: Information Literacy Quiz