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Nov. 3, 2020
Happy Fall!
I love this time of year!  This week is an especially great week due to the time change for kids.  Kids feels refreshed and will most likely be easier to wake up and get going in the morning.  YEAH!  That is always a plus, especially with the earlier start this year. 
Thank you for attending conferences with me.  I hope you found them to be helpful and informative.
This week we will be discussing the elections in Social Studies.  Why do we have elections?  Do all countries have elections?  Why are they important?  What does  the results mean to your child, your family, Durango, Colorado and the country of the United States Of America?  What does it mean to the World? What is a president and what are his roles?   What does an Senator, Governor and a judge do?  Why do we vote for them too?
This week in phonics students will learn about the first division rule of syllables and an attack skill for reading and spelling.  It  is the "Open and Closed Syllable Rule".  If a syllable ends in a vowel it says the long sound when I read it. If a syllable ends in a consonant the consonant closes in on the vowel and the vowel has to say its short sound.  There are 7 syllable rules.  This is the first rule we will learn in first grade.  Students will be learning more in first, second and third grades
Here is a link if you want to learn more- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0uSMmEc2Fc
There will not be any spelling words again this week.  Next week (when it is a full 5 day week again) I will send home  as spelling list of words with both short and long vowels.
In reading we will be talking about setting and how setting effect the story elements within a text.  We will be reading Owl Moon, The Snowy Day, Thundercakes and comparing them.  We will discuss the books we are reading in class and describing the settings to our reading partner. We will also continue to work on visualizing and Monitor For Meaning so we can retell the important parts of the texts. We will have reading homework on Wednesday.  When your child reads can they retell the story to you with lots of details?
In math we are still working on the skill of doubling and adding 1,2,3, or 0.  We will be working on word problems that have sums up to 20.
I will be sending report cards home with your child on Friday.  If you do not receive it for some reason please email me right away for a replacement.
Please return the ziplock baggie of  completed work, sent home last week, as soon as possible.  It contained a writing On Halloween night I will ___, a report about Halloween, a ghost math page and an art project (I do not need the art project returned.)
Remember that there is no school on Nov. 30th as it is a teacher in-service day.
I will be gone this Thursday and Friday.  Mrs. Bowker (a retired first grade teacher from Florida Mesa) will be my sub.  If there are any changes to the day or after school plans please send her a written note.  I am leaving her detailed plans on what to do to make the days run smoothly. I know the kids are in great hands while I am away. 
Have a great week!