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September Bravo! Winners

Maureen Wancura:

"The Transportation team for Florida Mesa would like to nominate Maureen Wancura from Florida Mesa for a Bravo Award.

There are 5 buses that pick up at Florida Mesa every afternoon. No other elementary school has that many buses that service their schools.

With students going in different directions every day, i.e; boys and girls club, home, grandparents homes, etc., placing the kids on the correct bus is a chore. Maureen orchestrates this to perfection everyday. Without Maureen at the helm we could have buses going in many different directions making us late for the rest of the day and unnecessarily worrying parents.

Thanks Maureen, you're the best." - Roy Baxter


Caron Shroeter:

 "I want to recognize Caron Shroeter as an exceptional 9-R employee. Caron works up and beyond any expectation of a typical job/employee. At Miller Middle School she works with our severe needs students, those who without her care and guidance would be at a continual loss! She is so very humble and says they make her day every day! The students families she serves trust and adore her. She is quick to help any student even those whom she doesn’t teach. She jumps in to help other teachers and puts her para instructors first, supporting and guiding them sharing the load of a difficult and busy case load. Her contagious smile and her exceptionally big heart make her irresistible to be around, just ask her students. Caron is a true gem and our community is so much richer with her in it!" - Myakka Holladay


Rachel Tabor:

"I would like to nominate Rachel Tabor, our new kindergarten teacher at Needham. Being a new teacher in a building is always challenging and to top it off a room full of kindergartners. Rachel has handled the challenges with grace and continues to learn and grow each day right along with the kids. She is a team player, has a positive attitude, is solution focused, seeks help when she needs it, and is kind and caring. She is exactly the kind of person we want at Needham and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our Needham community!" - Sallie Kauter


Maria Cuddie:

"I would like to nominate Maria Cuddie.  She is new to Miller.  She is very conscientious and focused on the kids.  She goes the extra mile.  She is very organized and provides excellent resources and learning activities for her students."  - Tara Frazer

Each month, Bravo! Award winners will be drawn randomly to win an $100 gift certificate to The Ore House!  Additionally, each nominator who submitted a Bravo! Award nomination will be entered to win a $25 gift card to Zia's.


For September, our winner of the $100 Ore House certificate is Caron Shroeter, and the winner of the $25 Zia's gift card is Roy Baxter!

Thanks to our sponsors, The Ore House and Zia's, for making this program possible.