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9-R Announces Candidates for the 2021 Board of Education Election

Registered voters may vote for one candidate in each director district. The verified candidates are as follows:
Director District A - Four Year Term
Catherine Mewmaw - website: CathyforDurango9R.com
Email address: Cathy@cathyfordurango9R.com 
Phone number: 970-422-8257

Erika Brown - website: https://www.erikafordurango9r.com 
Email address: Erika@Erikafordurango9R.com 

Kristina Paslay - website: www.buildingdurangosfuture.com 
Email address: tkpaslay@yahoo.com 

Director District C- Four Year Term
Richard “Dean” Hill - website: https://buildingdurangosfuture.com
Email address: popeyehill@yahoo.com 

Richard “Rick” Petersen
Email address: rickpetersenfor9R@gmail.com 
Phone number: 970-299-3311

Director District E - Four Year Term
Andrea Parmenter - website: AndreaforDurango9R.com 
Email: andreafordurango9r@gmail.com 
Phone: 970-799-0210
Donna Gulec - website: https://buildingdurangosfuture.com 
Email address: donnagulec2021@aol.com