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Full STEAM Ahead at Sunnyside Elementary

The grant allowed the school to access professional development through STEAMedu.com. The site gives teachers access to modules that explore everything from the history of STEAM or how to create MakerSpace opportunities for little engineers to invent, explore, and create. The online resource also helps teachers by providing and adaptable learning structures and lesson plans that can be used across a variety of subjects.
“We look forward to watching our students and staff grow with hands on learning, innovation, invention, and student creation across our curriculum,” said Principal Patrick Hyatt.

Designing and re-designing Lego cars fueled by the release of balloon air, allowed students to explore laws of motion and try to predict how the car’s properties might affect its speed or how it would move when the air was released. After each test drive of the car, students went back to the drawing board to review what worked and what didn’t work on their car, and began rebuilding in the search for farthest traveling Lego balloon car.

Second grade students explored life science standards through creative projects like sculpting and painting chameleons. After studying how chameleons and other animals can use camouflage to blend into their environments, students painted a backdrop where their sculpted chameleons would live and replicated colors and patterns in the environment when they painted the sculptures.  


The grant has provided materials for older students to build and create things like electrical circuits that can light small light bulbs or send a spinner up into the air.

Fourth grade students used their new found engineering skills to build games that taught fellow classmates about number sense and place value patterns.