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Kids' Camp Rate Increase

  • Flat Rate/Drop In Rate $15.00
  • Early Bird Regular Rate $13.00
  • Early Bird Reduced Lunch Rate $9.50
  • Early Bird Free Lunch Rate $8.50
  • Early Bird 9-R Employee Regular Rate $11.00
  • Early Bird 9-R Employee Reduced Lunch Rate$8.00
  • Early Bird 9-R Employee Free Lunch Rate $7.00
Many of you may have seen the article regarding the rate increases for Kids’ Camp in the Durango Herald, attended the public budget meeting held on May 8th, or attended the board of education meeting on May 15th that welcomed community input on the budget.
The decision to raise rates was not made lightly, and took into account many factors.  Aside from a small increase last year for the regular rate and the employee rate (reduced lunch and free lunch prices have stayed the same), there has not been a rate increase since 2014.  While rates have basically remained the same, the costs associated with running our program have increased.  With the 2018-19 school year, all 9-R staff’s wages will have been raised to achieve Living Wage standards.  Along with that, the cost of snacks, supplies, background checks, and licensing have all increased.
Based on the average number of children who attend every day we estimated that continuing with the current rates would result in an almost $100,000 deficit for the school district for 2018-19. 
To cover that $100,000 would have meant raising all rates by $5 per day.  Our school board and our superintendent were not comfortable with that. Instead, our board approved a $3 per day rate increase.  This will still result in a deficit of $40,000, which will be covered with money from the district’s general fund.
Kids’ Camp’s goal is to be a self-sustaining program. However, we recognize the financial challenges child care can place on families and are grateful to the board and the superintendent for allowing for a smaller increase in rates and for agreeing to use district money to cover the gap. 
We continue to be among the lowest priced after school programs in the state, one of very few programs who allow for lower rates for families who need it most.  We also continue to be proud of the quality, affordable care we are able to provide each day.
I hope you all have a wonderful summer. I’ll see you in the fall!
Audra Snow
After School Programs Supervisor